Duane Carlson: My Hero, My Friend, My Father

Duane Carlson: My Hero, My Friend, My Father, Duane Carlson, Aztec, New Mexico
Duane “A” Carlson

My hero, my friend, and my father, Duane “A” Carlson, passed away in the Payson, Utah hospital on the 26th of July, 2014–at approximately 9:30 p.m.–surrounded by his loving and devoted family. He was buried on August 1, 2014, at the Salem City Cemetery.

“Pops,” as I always called him, was my hero! He was my hero because he worked hard all of his life to support his family. Pops gave everything to his family. He was a man’s man–old school–and I seldom heard him complain about his life, health or work. Duane was a good example of the things he believed in and had a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was tough but had a big heart. Also, Pops would give you the shirt off his back if needed. Duane loved his wife and family, this I know even though he struggled to show it outwardly, and made many sacrifices for his loved ones throughout his married life. He was the kind of man that I aspire to be.

Pops was one of my best friends because I could talk to him about anything. I enjoyed our conversations about the gospel, politics, and life in general; he would listen and never criticize my ideas or point of view. Dad always had time for me if I needed help with something or needed to talk.

Duane was a great father too. He taught me most effectively by example, as well as words, to be responsible for my actions, to take pride in my work, to work hard for what I wanted in life, and to support, provide and be loyal to my family.

One of the greatest compliments I ever received from my dad, or from anyone else for that matter, was when I was in high school and spent the summer between my junior and senior year working with him in the oil field. We had just finished a fourteen-hour shift, working our tails off tripping drill pipe, with only a few shorts breaks, when the relief crew finally showed up two hours late to work.  As they took over their shift, my dad came down from the derricks, looked me in the eye, patted me on the back, and said, “Good job son.”

That was one of the few compliments I received from him because he didn’t hand them out generously, but it was one of the most memorable compliments I have ever received and I one will never forget because I earned it… that was the hardest I had ever worked in my life to that point. When he gave you a compliment, you knew you had done something remarkable, and it made you feel good about yourself.

Duane was a proud man and rightly so, which caused him to be stubborn at times. We all tried, for the last two or three years, to talk him into getting a hearing aid. He needed one so we wouldn’t have to yell to be heard by him, but he refused.  He also hated to be seen in public with his oxygen tank.  These annoyances, related to his health conditions, were a real burden to him… but, no more. I loved this man and will truly miss my “Pops”! The world is unquestionably a better place from him having been in it.

I have included some pictures of my father below the funeral services program, in gallery format, for part of my remembrance of him.


Duane Carlson: My Hero, My Friend, My Father, Duane A Carlson, Spanish Fork, UTDuane Alex Carlson

1933 ~ 2014

Our Beloved husband, father, and grandfather passed away on July 26, 2014. He has joined his parents, Ted and Zola, two brothers, Blaine and Ronald, grandson, Tyler, and great-grandson, Jaden.

He married Virginia Palmer in 1955 and was later sealed to his eternal sweetheart in the Salt Lake Temple.

Duane was a Korean War Veteran. He attended BYU for three years. He interned as a medical technician at St. Benedict’s Hospital in Ogden, UT and received an ASCP certification. His work in his somewhat short medical career took him to Monticello, UT, and Hawthorne, NV.

Moving back to Utah, he raised his family and returned to the job he loved the most, the oil fields, which took him to the western states and Alaska.

He retired at 67 years of age and spent the rest of his time farming and enjoying his family. Throughout his life, Duane served faithfully in his church callings.

He is survived by his wife, Virginia and their six children: Mark (Jill), Diana, Helen Robertson, Mitchell (Laura), Jon, Heidi (Michael) Hansen. They have 23 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at 12:00 PM on Friday, August 1, 2014, at the Spanish Fork Stake Center, 1006 East 200 South. A viewing will be held prior at 10:00 AM.

Condolences may be sent to the family at www.walkerobits.com

Funeral Services Program:
Duane Carlson: My Hero, My Friend, My Father, Duane Carlson, Spanish Fork, Utah, funeral
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Duane Carlson: My Hero, My Friend, My Father, Duane Carlson, Spanish Fork, Utah, funeral service
Funeral Services Program

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