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thank you notes, students, Daisy WilliamsUpdate 06/16/2016:¬†When I first published this post on May 23, 2014, I had no intention of adding to or modifying it at some future date. However, based on the recommendation of my mother–after sharing some of my thank you notes with her this year–I have decided to update this compilation of student/parent sentiments from time-to-time. I will do this whenever I receive “thank you notes” from students and parents which “move me” to do so. I plan to continue this practice as long as I am teaching in the public school system.

While getting ready to move my classroom across the hall, for next year’s room assignment, I was cleaning out my desk and came across these “Thank You” cards/notes from previous students and their parents. There were over several hundred I had accumulated over the past nine years. So I decided rather than adding to the paper piles in my office, I would just throw them away.

However, as I began reading through them, I started reminiscing. I thought about the good memories and times I had shared with many of these students and their family members. I decided to pick ten to preserve… I don’t know why I’m on this “Top Ten” kick as of late, but I am.

I added a bonus card, below the slideshow, that I received on 6/2/14 from my boss Principal Emily Swan. It moved me to shed a tear or two and so I thought it was appropriate to include it in this compilation of thank you notes. Following that is my Teacher of the Year award.

The slideshow is best viewed with the “Full Screen” option found in the toolbar on the lower portion of the image gallery and to the far right.

Thank You Notes Gallery

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Thank You Notes, Principal Emily Swan
End-of-Year Thank You Note from Principal Emily Swan
Teacher of the Year, Thank You Notes
Teacher of the Year Award for 2013-2014 School Year

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